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Matrimonial Register

The list appears further down this page, grouped by gender and sorted by age.

​Register details

The NCVA have a professional, anonymous structure in place to help you meet your possible soul mate.

The matrimonial register is administered by Jayman Mehta on behalf of NCVA.

How it works

Once you register, your few details will appear with this list of other people who are looking for a partner.  For registration please pay the fee by PayPal,

then fill and return the Matrimonial Registration Form below.

The list is organised so that the reader can learn the height, qualifications, age and reference number of each member. (M xxx for Male, F xxx for Female). Click on the [+] icon next to Gender to expand the list.

Viewers can see whether the members on the list are Male or Female by looking at the letter at the beginning of the reference number. However, they cannot see the name and other details that will identify those on the list.

For more details of your selected member please ring our Matrimonial Coordinator, Jayman Mehta On 020 8907 2428 Monday to Friday between 17:30-19:30 only.


Future settlement plans
Hobbies and other relevant information
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