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We aim to provide regular updates to the Vanik community via this website and the Vanik Voice newsletter to keep you informed of our latest events and the voluntary services offered.



Vanik Directory

​Please note that the Directory of Vaniks has now moved to http://www.vaniks.co.uk so please amend your bookmarks accordingly.

​Since 1982 we have been publishing Vanik Directories that contains details of Vanik families living in the UK. We have over 2000 families registered and over 10000 family members. Our database is constantly increasing with new families registering everyday. The last issue was published in 2008. The published directory has been a useful tool and has been utilised by many people over the years. Please register on our website at http://www.vaniks.co.uk.


Speed Dating Event

Due to current Covid pandemic, the Speed Dating events have been suspended.

​Next Speed dating date will be announced in due course.

Vanik Council - Virtual Annual Event

Vanik Council UK to sent you information about our Annual Event on 12 December which was publicised extensively in our community. The purpose of the Annual Event was to encourage and highlight organ donation after death. The Event featured a stand up Comedienne and several dances. We need more organ donors in the UK and this Event provided a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about organ donation with our families and help save lives. We are most grateful for your support.

More details of this event are provided on Annual Event - Organ Donation page


Bhupen Vasa


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