Virtual Heart Walk Challenge


Following on from our earlier message on organ donation week, Vanik Council UK wish to promote Virtual Heart Walk Challenge and we hope you will participate and share your walking experiences and photos in this very simple and yet beneficial activity for all members of our community during this Covid19 pandemic period. The Challenge is open to all family members, friends and relatives. Please also forward and share this document to spread the message.

What is the virtual heart walk challenge?

The virtual heart walk challenge is a fun activity for people of all ages, genders and abilities to participate and show support for organ donation during Organ Donation Week 2020.


How can I participate?

  1. You may use the following website to help you map a heart-shaped route around your neighbourhood: Or you can make up your own heart-shaped route.

  2. Walk, run, or cycle any distance you choose, but plan your route to form the shape of a heart on a tracking app of your choice. Strava, Fitbit, MapMyRun. Click the button below for a quick Power Point presentation which explains step-by-step how to use the app MapMyRun/Walk.

  3. Participants may choose to post following Key messages along with their         

      photos, as well as the hashtags. If you need help, Google search and find the f        following article which would walk you through how to upload your walk     

      photo(s) to Facebook app once it is saved on your phone:                 


Take a screenshot of your heart-shaped route once complete and share it on social media or on Yammer with the hashtag #DoItForDonation and #OrganDonationWeek along with our key messages.

To help our message spread even further, tag your friends and family and challenge them to participate too! And don’t forget to send copies to Vanik Council!


You may wear t-shirts or have fliers (freely available) and this is a great solution. Promotional items can be ordered on the following website:

Individual orders on the website do usually take a week, but it would still be lovely to have people showing their support even beyond the Organ Donation Week.

Please note: As we work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19, please plan your activity carefully and be sure to follow the latest Government guidance at all times.






















Why are we raising awareness?

This Organ Donation Week we are raising awareness of the importance of organ donation but also that the law around organ donation in England has changed.

Here are the key messages you can share:

• The law around organ donation in England has changed to an opt-out system to allow more people to save lives.

• Organ donation is and always will be a choice.

• It’s important you not only register your decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register but share it with your family and closest friends

too, to give them the certainty to support your decision during a difficult time.

• Anyone can visit for more information and to register their decision.

Further Information

For further information about Organ Donation Week 2020 please contact or Tel. Bhupen Vasa on 07741416361

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