Vanik Council (UK) is a service-led organisation. The services it provides are:


Directory of Vaniks

The Directory of Vaniks was last published in 2014.

The next planned print run will be in 2021-2022

The online directory is updated in real-time.

To view the Online Directory, click on the title above


Jain Spiritual Care

Chaplaincy in hospitals around the United Kingdom, delivered by volunteers.

Click Menu Page "Spiritual Care" to see more information on Jain Spiritual Care.


Matrimonial Support

Anonymised list of eligible men and women, details are given over the phone to those registered on Monday-Friday evenings. The list is also published in our newsletter, each month, as well as online.


Patra Parichaya (Life Partner Introduction)

Started in 1982; we hold Speed Dating programmes twice a year. Details can be found on Speed Dating page.


The Online and the printed Directories.

The on-line directory serves as a search tool for matrimonial match making. You can use it to find suitable match for young men and women in your family. The following numbers of single person’s records are available in the printed and the on-line directory.

208 male and 191 female in the age range 18 to 21

386 male and 414 female in the age range 22 to 30

86 male and 69 female in the age range 31 to 35

56 male and 55 female in the age range 36 to 45

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